Friday, June 27, 2008

Back to college

Had gone to a college to meet a prof. Was waiting for him in the teachers’ lounge in his department and there were other lecturers and profs hanging out in their leisure time.
I wouldn't have been surprised if some of the ladies were probably only my age.

Anyways there I was sitting twiddling my thumbs and thinking about my college days and grinning at the students' antics outside...when suddenly one of the ladies came to me and said "excuse me ..."

For a moment I forgot I was not a student anymore and the long forgotten college etiquette, of standing up when a teacher talks to you, blasted into me and I shot up from my seat...
The poor lady had just wanted me to pass a book to her, but my getting up so startled her that she dropped the things she was holding.

Anyways it ended up with both of us apologizing and me going my sheepish way.

Funny what lurks in the bottom of your subconscious to spring up and embarrass when you least expect it.


Archana T said...

At least u didnt say 'good morning miss' or something like that...

Actually ur post would have had much more details if that had happened...hehe

Sanjana said...

I am just glad I stopped myself from saying anything like that :-)

Niva said...

hehe ... that's funny :)