Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Boys will be Boys

If you are a guy, you are probably nodding your head in agreement with the title. Well!!! dont
Having been lucky (touch wood and all that) most of my life, I have hardly had to fight my way through road side romeos and other leches at work or school... until recently.
Suddenly a whole group of flirts seemed to have sprung up around me and I was most irritated. I did not find it funny and they did not care how I felt about it.
While this was shocking by and of itself, what really made me mad was when I was cribbing about this to some of my friends of the male variety, they blitheley brushed it away saying that it happens everywhere and I should not take it personally... after all boys would be boys...

Hello!!! while I did not expect them to stand in front of me with a sword and armour... this is hardly the kind of response I was expecting and not take it personally? It is something very personal and not the kind of behaviour to be condoned at all, especially so matter of factly.

For all these boys and their approvers - GROW UP. We dont find you amusing... just pathetic.

PS: Tut tut! I do seem to be doing a lot of lambasting the last few posts.. hmm!!!! gotta change that

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