Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bond.. James Bond!!!

Almost over 3 years after its release I saw Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale yesterday and was very glad that I had not wasted 10 dollars to watch it in the theatres when it released.

Dear God! Have you seen the movie Pokkiri in Tamil or Telugu or Wanted in Hindi. Unwanted killing and violence and "goonda gardhi" through out the movie with no respite. That is how I felt when I saw Casino Royale and to an even greater extent "Quantum of Solace".

Daniel Craig (much against popular opinion amongst my friends) totally turns me off. The man has absolutely no panache, charm, verve or style to carry the character. He walks around stone faced, fighting, shooting, stabing, and blowing up people and property. He looks and acts more a thug than a double O agent.

And to boot, James Bond, the casanova extrodinaire, has a love interest and even attempts to quits his job to be with her... whoever has heard of a love-lorn, sleep deprived, drunk and sentimental James Bond?
As Scrooge would say "Bah! Humbug!"

Sean Connery! Now thats a Bond we can relate to and Pierce Brosnan too to an extent, but please not this guy.

PS: Though this post is about Craig, I would rather have Connery's foto in it than Craig :-)


Hazel said...

:) ... I loved the movie.. The first 5 mins of the movie esp... the chase sequence.. and yeah Craig is more like a metrosexual James bond... :D

btw i have it as my screensaver too ;) afer all this while

Sanjana said...

The problem Hazel is that Craig is as far from Metrosexual James Bond as possible. A metrosexual male has a strong aesthetic sense and inordinate interest in his appearance according to I do not see any kind of aesthetic sense in him. He looks more like a thug. I might have enjoyed the movie much better if Craig had not been portrayed as Bond. I enjoyed most of the chase scenes too.

I cannot stand Bond being a sentimental slob, but neither does he go for inordinate violence.

I will have to disown you, Hazel, if you are saying that ur screensaver is of Craig.. :-)

RS said...

I agree with you Sanju. Against the likes of most of my friends - i've never liked Craig as James Bond. He is not so sauve and sofisticated or charming either - forget being a 007!

Gimme Pierce Brosnan anyday! :-)

Scorpio said...

Craig is actually the kind of James Bond that Ian Fleming had originally created in his 007 novels.

Its the Hollywood studios that created a different Bond to appeal to the masses. Brosnan fits into this category.

The movie Casino Royale was an attempt to show how Bond became the kind of agent that he is. In fact, the novel Casino Royale was the first of the 007 series of novels that Fleming wrote. Hence the love interest!

Anyways, its a free world(at least the blogging world) and its every man, woman and child to him/herself and his/her Bond preference! :)

And...I have answered your question as to who wins the fasting game...check it out!

Sanjana said...

@RS: Pal, no wonder u n I are buddies :-)

@Scorpio: Not sure I agree with you on Iam Flemings' idea of Bond, but let me re-read my copy of Casino Royale and I shall get back to you. Until then we can agree to disagree :-)

Scorpio said...

Not just until then...even after that...if the need arises we could still agree to disagree! No worries! :)