Friday, December 11, 2009

Tid bits

=> Obama gets his nobel peace price errr... Prize. Why? I don't know. What did he do to help world peace or even US peace? I mean, other than a temperory seizure to bombing other countries? I Don't know.Now! what I would like to know is, what is the qualification to get a nobel prize? Money? power? Popularity or the lack of it? Coz I dont see the deserving getting it anyways.
(In case you people are interested this is what Nobel committee has to say about it )

=> TN's grand old man to retire from Politics in June 2010... hehehe
Hmm! guess he wants his children to have a chance at looting the state too (what a nice father!). What ever his future plans I sure wish he would stop travelling around the city during the peak hours. Got caught in traffic for more than 45 minutes today morning coz he was going somewhere... Grrrr!

=> Saw a hoarding outside a shop today, reading "Buy 1 shoe and get 1 free" . Not sure if it is good marketing strategy or bad english, but I definitely plan to investigate.

=> I had quiche (remember my fascination with exotic food). It was very unhealthy and obviously very tasty :-) .. I am still not able to pronounce it right.

=> Andhra all set to break up into pieces! Setting a precedence, as next Karaikal starts demanding. Reminds you of the pre-british time when all the kings were busy in-fighting paving way for the british to sneak in? Wonder who is going to sneak in now or maybe we can outright sell India to someone... say italy???


Hazel said...

And what is quiche ??

hmm.. Andhra.. yeah that drama is keeping al ot of ppl entertained... no one seems to have a clue as to what is happening ..

Anonymous said...

no one seems to know why Obama got the Nobel peace prize.. doesnt make any sense. hope he atleast works on it..

Sanjana said...

@Hazel: Yes, looks like another 8 or 9 more states are asking for a breakup now and everyone is fasting until death. hmm! maybe we should let them fast and see how long they last.
As for Quiche, its a french dish.
I had the veggie version ofcourse

@P:- Most people get a nobel for the work they have already done, guess Obama is gonna be the first person to work for the nobel he has already got.hehe (it pained me to see the padma awards go on sale, but Nobel too.. :-( )
I wonder how much it costs to get a Nobel.. hmmm!!!

Hu Jintao (aka ET)..ask Hazel said...

>>Wonder who is going to sneak in now..


Sanjana said...

@ ET: No sneaking in anymore. Outright division of the country into 3 pieces. 1 for china, 1 for pak and the final piece for the grand old man (poor guy has soo many offsprings to provide for)