Thursday, December 17, 2009


From its inception, the Zoozoo ads of Vodofone has captured everyone's notice and held on to their interest.
Personally, I adore them
For more folks like me .. this video, I found in youtube, might be of interest

Enjoy! :-)


Anonymous said...

never seen them before... nice!

Hazel said...

i love them ...three dimensional cartoons...

Sanjana said...

@P :- Zoozoo came on TV for Vodofone during this year's IPL and it became a HUGE hit, so much so that lotsa european countries were asking those Ad makers to do something similar for them.
Its not animation but actual people dressed in white as Zoozoos acting in the Ad. Cool na!

@Hazel: Its great, esp since it is not cartoons. :-)

Scorpio said...

I am not sure if you are aware of the zoozoo contest that vodafone is hosting on its website. Check it out and see if you can finish off the stories:

Additional zoozoo trivia: the ad agency chose short skinny women to get into those zoozoo suits!