Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hypocrisy thy name is politics

Especially if it is the current TN govt. This govt. is staunchly atheist. Which means they are totally anti-hinduism and according to their beliefs would love to totally eradicate that religion (just like small pox or cholera).OK, the central government is this kind of atheist too, but that's a story for another time.

The government went so far as to dictate when hindus should celebrate what festival and decided that the Tamil New year's day (which for centuries have been celebrated on the 14th April) will be celebrated on 14th January going forward. The CM claimed to know all about the religion, just, I am guessing, as he knows all about Ramayana too. (During an Interview with NDTV he claimed to have read Tulsidas Ramayana and it said that Sita and Ram were siblings *Gah*)

They did not  just stop with proclaiming a new date for New year. When people still continued to celebrate it on the 14th April, the priests in the temples were forced not to give any special poojas. The devotees were beaten up. All in all a great fun time for them.

Now the TV channels affiliated to the government have taken to calling this weekend programs as Vidumurai sirapu nigazhchi (Special programs for the Holidays). Is it because they do not believe in mentioning any Hindu festival name??? What happens when Diwali is in the offing I wonder.

But of course being a pure Hindu hating atheist, the government has spent 420 crores on renovating a temple. After so much hatred from them, this sudden change in mind, especially just an year before election, seems very suspect.

On the flip side, whatever their motive, we at least get another good place of worship

PS: Going off on a tangent, it has become fashionable nowadays to put down hinduism and especially brahminism, ironically its mostly done by brahmins themselves, who have no clue what so ever about their culture but want to sound cool. (Personally I think they end up sounding stupid and ignorant, but hey! that's just me)

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