Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bye Bye G'ma

Happy New Year!
Hey! so what if it is a month too late, there is still 11 more left to enjoy.

Its been a rather eventful month. I generally love January.
It has a lot of holidays :-) and somehow its like even the nature is shaking off its doldrums and starting afresh.

But thats not the reason its been an eventful month. I lost my 95 YO gma. It was a crazy 13 days after her demise. So many relatives and friends. House was full all the time and loads of work to do. And it was not like we were not expecting the event for some time now. She had been so very sick and sometimes we even prayed that God would help her out of the suffering, even if it meant losing her permenantly.

She was hardly 5' and almost skin and bones at the end and totally immobile for the last few months. Her eye sight was almost gone but not her ears or her memory.

How the hell does a person of such a small almost insignificant stature create such a big vaccum in so many peoples lives?

The house seems empty, and we still cannot bring ourselves to give away her things. We all feel a little lost, as though the very roots that held us all together has suddenly gone.

Married at 14 to a much older man, as was the norm at the time. She ruled her house and husband with an iron hand.

Like Kunti, my grand ma ruled over her children and her siblings and was the center of their lives. and What a fighter she was! She was the type who could squeeze water out of stone, in times of need.

At 85 she decided to make her first love known to the world and compiled her favourite recipes into 4 cookbooks in two languages.

But my most favourite memory of her, other than our common love for mythology, was the stories she used to tell us during the evenings of our summer vacation, while she used to feed us mixed rice in the balcony.

As my dad said the other day,Its the end of an era, but what a legacy she has left behind!!!

We miss you g'ma, but you have fun with all our relatives up there! Bye!

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