Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And Life otherwise...

*Phew* Now that's out. How are you all? whats news?

I have had a very eventful (and expensive) few days

 #  For one I've got a brand new Laptop. I am over the trees about it. Great config and even better price. The only fly in my ointment is that the laptop is sitting in Singapore now and will reach me only by next month :-(

#  Been buying books like they are going out of fashion from Flipkart. Like books were not enough they are selling all kindsa electronics too. I almost bought a camera just because of the great deal, but thankfully stopped before going over board.

# Hazel says that her new Kindle was the best buy she has had in some time. Now I am tempted. Especially for a person like me... sigh! do I or do I not

#  Bought coupla great saris.. cant wait to try them on.

#  Looking forward to my trip to Guruvayoor, maybe I will find time to go to the Athirapalli falls. Saw fotos of the falls... they sure beat the Niagara during its peak season.

hmm! old age or amnesia.. not sure, but I seem to have forgotten half the things I wanted to share.. More when I remember :-)


RS said...

Hey! You removed the previous post or something? Its coming on my updates list but not able to read the post here...

And wow! New laptop? Then I guess it makes sense to invest in Kindle too!:D

Athirapalli falls - yeah, seen the pics and is on my wish list too!:)

Definitely not growing old girl! Im not ready to accept it yet!

Sanjana said...

@RS: Was in the edit mode of my blog and I clicked god knows what, the previous post went into draft mode. But I am unable to make it visible again. Have asked the support guys.

The kindle is definitely an idea that is growing stronger every minute, but dad wanted me to think of getting an iPad instead.. so now jumped to that.

Will let u know how the athirapalli is, if I get to go there.

Well! if u insist will just call myself an amnesiac :-)