Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Random Movie Thoughts!

=> Never claimed to be a fashion Diva, but I do know what's aesthetically pleasing. I don't know who died and made Sonam Kapoor the fashion expert of Bollywood. The woman's dressing is frightening and weird. The oily skin, dark eye make up, goofy hair.. *shudder*. If I wanted to frighten any kid with "poochandi" I will probably show her photo.

=> Have you noticed that the trend nowadays is that as soon as an actor/actress debuts they are touted as the next best thing to sliced bread and they get all these awards and what not.
A case in point is Sonakshi Sinha. She acted in all of 1 movie.  And she must have had about 10 lines of dialogue and probably 2-3 songs in that movie. But her acting was praised to high heavens and according to wikipedia she got a dozen awards for her role in it and was nominated for whatever was left over. Puhlease! are not people supposed to prove their mettle before they get these awards?
Dharmendra, who is called the he-man of Hindi cinemas, got hardly any awards in all his years in the industry. Are these people claiming that these here-now-and-gone-in-a -second actors are better than him? hmph!

=> Saw Deivathirumagal and only then realized it was remake of Main Aisa hi hoon. I kind of liked the hindi version to the tamil one. But Vikram has done a good job, can probably watch once.

=> I am awed at my high tolerance for pain. Saw Singham..fully. When the movie came in Tamil, I had blogged saying that it was an insult to Suriya and Prakash Raj's acting ability. But the Hindi version is an insult... period.


RS said...

When did you get so much time and patience to not only watch movies but get trivia AND blog about it??

Wow! This one's a different post from you...

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Sanjana said...

Hey, my weekends are my own. Loads of time and idle mind being devil's work shop and all that

Tamanna said...

LOL totally agree about Sonam and Sonakshi :-D