Friday, September 16, 2011

Its all about control

Now before I start I just have to let the world know I BOUGHT A KINDLE at last...Yayyyyy.. consider me dancing around. The only fly in the ointment being I will not get it for another 15 days.. but that's ok.. ooooh! I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Oh! Anyways do you dare to lose control (of your emotions and yourself) in front of your friends or anyone for that matter? I've never really thought much about it until now.
As usual my thoughts were jack rabbiting around and I ended up thinking of this incident.

My 2 very good friends and I, decided to meet up one night and get drunk. And by that I mean tap-hackled, top-heavy, shot-in-the-neck, staggering drunk, just to see what we would do when we get to that stage.Now, we were rather close and very comfortable with each other and knew one other very well and all that. So we were sure we wouldn't mind if we made a fool of ourselves when it was just the three of us.

Well two of us being footloose and fancy free and 1 being a respectable married matron, we congregated at the married matron's house (which is a real dream house BTW). Her husband, being this real cool guy, helped us in procuring the drinks. It was night and we set it all up and sat looking at the bottle. And looking at it and looking at it. Not one of us wanted to drink, at least not the way we had planned to.

We just could not bring ourselves to lose control to that extent. After all that planning we felt rather sheepish about it but we just could not do it. Its kind of hardwired into some of us, I think.
I say that because some people are OK with drinking to excess and making a fool of themselves given the slightest opportunity.

I remember a man very high in my company hierarchy, once drinking and dancing (let's just say there is dancing and there is dancing) at a party. I could not look the guy in the eyes the next day, but he was cool about it.

Are you OK with it?


RS said...

No, I am so not OK with loosing control - not even in front of my parents. Because I know they will judge me. But I still do have it on my list to get DRUNK!

Sanjana said...

@RS: I kinda lost the interest in getting drunk. :-) I don't think I will ever dare to (even if I want to) go to that extent