Monday, September 12, 2011

My Diary

On a lighter note
In those long ago times, I used to maintain diaries. I started coz it was the "in" thing to do. But somehow ended up writing kinda regularly.(somewhat better than my bloging anyways)
Being a person who hates clutter, I had nicely hidden the diaries in my cousin's shelves, from which she threw it all out yesterday :-(
Anyways ended up reading up the entries in there. It was quite an entertaining time.
All those teenage angst and dramatics pouring out spiced with sarcastic comments and gossips about all and sundry.

Here are some of interesting ones

# There was one entry about a classmate fainting coz she was not in the top five ranks (The gal was doing her Masters.. sigh!)

# My friend's handsome brother had told her that I looked cute, which she promptly relayed to me. There was some floating in the ninth cloud with regards to that

# My BFFs and I meeting Sir Richard Hadlee and his team at the Pizza Corner right around the street.

# Choking back my tears, when I landed in Hong Kong for the first time (first time out of the country) and realizing not only was I thousands of miles away from my people but also that the toilets do not have health
faucets .. The latter being more traumatic than the former

# My BFF's fiance asking me about the fall of World trade center on the evening of 9/11 and my telling him that I did not follow the shares market.

# BFF and I "eyeing" this good looking guy in a wedding, not realizing he was the groom :-D

# Coming out of the US airport (after immigration and all that), the first time and then going back to ask the security there, where I would get my I9. (Every one had told me all these horror stories about I9 and its
importance, no one had told me the immigration slip was the I9). If I remember right, the man took my passport, looked into it and gave me a weird look and said "I don't understand". I realized I was saying something wrong , so apologized and came back :-D

Hmm! those were times...

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