Monday, September 26, 2011


I've been good. No, seriously! I have been tempted to write about this topic many a times but resisted.

But *Phew* enough is enough. Can these people not wear some kinda deo or perfume to work?

If not for themselves, for pity's sake, for the sake of the poor souls who need to sit next to them the whole day and work.

Forgetting your deo/ perfume now and then I can understand, but coming to work without it, EVER, especially after travelling in the hot chennai weather... *GAK*

I am on the verge of getting the cold and my nose and throat are extremely sensitive to any kinds of odour and its driving me and my sinuses nuts.

Bearing up for one hour everyday was difficult enough..but now its all day everyday

grr!! Do y'all think I should get a room freshener and spray them? Would that give them a hint?


RS said...

Babe! I sit next to these 2 guys who smoke after lunch and the hour after lunch despite the mouth freshners is nauseating for me :(

My sympathies to you....

Sanjana said...

Thanks. But this continuous BO drove me out of the office early today. I am giving serious thought to shifting places. :-)