Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eclipse of the moon

There are times when I wish my eyes were camera that can capture some of the beauty it sees and share it with you all. Today is one such day.
I am lying on the terrace, with cool breeze blowing, listening to Mukesh croon about love and looking at the moon.
I have been sitting here for the last hour or so. Saw the whole eclipse.. while the full eclipse was on, the moon they said would be in red colour. But it was more golden black than red from where I see.

But the full effect of the eclipse can be felt only now, when it is waning.
The blinding white sides peeping out of a golden black moon, like a naughty child peeping from behind its mother... that is the picture that I wanted to capture with my eyes and put up here.

You must have seen pictures of the moon rising between two palm trees? That is the view you get from my terrace. The moon rises from between the two coconut palms we have on the east.
The clouds and the twinkling stars add another layer to the over all beauty.

Ohh! the stars.. they look like chunks of diamonds that are just waiting to reached up and plucked.

Sigh! does life get any better?

PS: Wow! The eclipse is waning so fast
PPS: I can't, for the life of me, recognize any star, much less a constellation. They all look the same to me. My sis is pointing out them all and I am nodding my head very knowledgeably... hehe 


RS said...

Ah! Nice. We saw it too and it looked beautiful. The marvel of nature :-)

Sanjana said...

Nature keeps humbling us whenever we think we are better than it. :)