Monday, December 05, 2011

Fatal 2011

While I was saddened to hear the death of Shammi Kapoor, I was not so for Dev Anand. Not because I don't like him or anything, but because I have always thought of the man as omnipotent and it has not yet sunk in that he is actually no more.

Both of them had the never say die attitude and an abundance of charm to go with it.

Does it strike any of you that the last quarter of 2011 has been fatal to Indian artists?

Dev Anand (Actor)
Shammi Kapoor (Actor)
Ustad Sultan Khan (Sarangi player)
Har Gobind Khorana (Biochemist Nobel Laureate.. not an artist but still popular)
Bhupen Hazarika (Singer)
Jagjit Singh (Ghazal Singer)

I've named only a few people I am familiar with. But you can find a much more detailed list here


Tamanna said...

You are at it still? woww and yayy :)
I had stopped blogging but I'm back (atleast for now...) Will send you links.

I was also very sad about all these ppl passing away. We being DD kids grew up watching their movies. I had seen hum dono again just a couple of months back. Somehow never expected this even if they were old :(

Sanjana said...

@ Tamanna: Hello Dear! Yes I am still going strong. and Yay! for your comeback. I look forward to reading you again. :-)

Yep! these old heros seem somehow larger than life and indestructible don't they? Speaking of which, did you see Shashi Kapoor at Shammi's funeral? To say I was shocked is an understatement. Poor guy!