Friday, December 23, 2011

Rant Alert

Had a workshop at work and this is what a head honcho told me about awards and recognition program availability.
"We have been awarding deserving employees for over a year, but there is no reason for anyone other than higher management and the actual employees to know about it. After all, if everyone heard about these awards they will feel bad for not getting it  themselves "


Now! there is a new definition for recognition. Ain't he a kind soul to be so worried of his people? Hmph!


RJ said...

Honcho is true... and that does happen!
But look at it from the other side... whats the use of getting a recognition when others do not know that you have been recognized? What is the feel it gives you? More than money it is the appreciation among the crowd that makes a difference to the human self !
This can also push other to perform at a higher level and compete for the awards the next time. ( if at all they wuld be given)

Like i said thats a double edge sword! I have seen it personally happen to me.. i have been working like dog for days and night and other person was recognized...i did feel demotivated! huh!

Sanjana said...

@RJ: There will always be someone who feels bad when one gets an award/ hike/ promotion or any kind of recognition. But its not fair that the world does not know the good work one has done.
Also, it allows one to confront our bosses to ask why we were not chosen and work towards getting it.

I personally thought he was an idiot :-D