Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Power of Miscommunication

Made a guy's life miserable. :-)
The expert was trying to tell me something and though I knew wat he wanted I refused to understand wat he was getting at.
This was because I had talked to my manager about the same idea and he said it would not work.
Turns out my manager misunderstood me and I misunderstood the expert.
And a vicious cycle started there...
The Expert kept saying do it and I kept saying it cannot be done and my Manager kept agreeing with me and the poor guy who was s'posed to do the actual work was looking at us back and forth like a tennis match not understanding wat the heck was happening.
Though to give credit where it is due ... which would be ... *ahem* Me.
I did get it resolved and finished the work for him too.
But the poor guy was literally seeing stars running between all of us trying to get us agree on something :-)

I do think I have made the expert quite disgusted with the lot of us and the funny thing was we were were all right but refused to look outside the box to see what the other was saying...
I am sure this leason comes with a moral... now if I will just learn from it... we could call it a useful day :-)


hazel said...

Way to go sanju... The expert is also still seeing red ;)

Sanjana said...

The expert will probably hang up if I call him ever again :-)