Monday, January 02, 2006

Love at first sight

Saw Kanda naal mudhal and Aaru.
Gotta give credit to Prakash Raj. A very decent movie and it did not even drag around like most of the movies nowadays. I never once looked at the watch wondering when the movie would get over. Impressive!
Its one of the must watch movies. I liked his azhagiyae theeyae just as much too.

That said, "Aaru" was the total opposite... the usual masala movie with loads of bad words mixed with the tapori language and lotsa *dishum dishum*.
Every one told me it was lousy.
But i watched anyway and liked it too...
Not coz the movie was not bad but coz I was watching it from where i was not s'posed to :-p
... The forbidden fruit syndrome..
But watch it at your own expense...

Never could understand how a rich girl, used to all the comforts of life, can fall for a total rowdy, living in a hut in a slum and chase him all over and literally force him to fall for her too.

Talking of forcing some one to fall in love, here are some great ideas gleaned from our movies

=> listen to real dumb ideas given by the friends of the object of ur affection and run around in main roads n*de or go k**sing him in public

=> Threaten to jump (sometimes u might have to jump too) from tall buildings/mountains/ in front of trains.
(though why they are not put out of their mercy and left splashed on the platform, i am not sure :-p)

=> Best of the lot is- Insult your object of affection... this is a surefire method and never fails... especially if its the guy insulting the gal... better still slap her around...she'll definitely fall flat (figuratively and literally)... 'course she has no self-respect and she is not gonna tear u to tiny li'l piece and flush u down

So have a love filled 2006!!! :-)


hazel said...

:).. an interesting post...
btw these guys shud probably start reading mush ;)
lol.. wat say ?

Sanjana said...

Never underestimate these guys... they'll read mush and find the worst, insulting, horrible,never-thought-of, unbelievable angle from that mush to make a movie

Anonymous said...

Could you also tell what a girl should do??? Vikram

Sanjana said...

The comments were for both guys and gals... and I keep hearing news stories, esp. of people following the second point (maybe not jumping from a mountain but threatening to cut their nerves/ drink poison or worse prmise to throw acid on the object of affection if they don't return the feelings...*gak*)

Aparna said...

Ya Ur last point is really true.I cant understand how movie directors think that girls fall for guys who insult them in public places or slap them.I certainly have not seen this in real life