Monday, January 16, 2006

My boss

I saw my boss today!!!!
So wats the big deal huh?!
The big deal is that this is the first time I got to see him in over 2 years of our acquaintance.
We talk to each other daily... literally from when I walk into office in the morning to the time I leave in the evening, one issue or other... and never seen his face... just a voice over the fone...
The one time I had gone to his work place, he had been on a temperory transfer to another place and when he had come here I was on vacation.
I was seriously burning with curiousity to see who I had been communicating with for sooo long.
Of course wat pushed my curiousity even higher was that my boss is a real kewl guy! soft spoken with a sense of humour...and even stranger was that everyone had a kind word to say about him...:-0 (trust me!! thats an almost never done thing)
Anyways, the client, bless his heart, wanted a foto of our team
And so finally I have a face to relate to the voice from above ... :-p


Anonymous said...

A foto????!!!! Comon!!!!!


Sanjana said...

The guy has a morbid fear of coming to our place of work NNN... so its the best we got

Tamanna said...

btw this is a great way of being uptodate with wat the other one is upto these days :-D