Monday, January 23, 2006

Up in the smoke..

NDTV had aired an interview with all the crew of ‘Rang De Basanti', and Aamir and Madhavan were asked about the Ban censoring cigarette smoking in Cinemas. They were against it and vociferously so.

I can’t help but agree with them. It does not mean that I am for cigarette smoking… in fact my friends will tell you… that nothing ever irritates me more than seeing a guy smoke in a public place… seriously if they wanna smoke the cancer sticks… they should lock themselves in a room where they can’t harm anyone else and smoke themselves to death..

I read this case sometime back. It was a about a woman in US who was diagnosed with lung cancer, though she was a non-smoker. She then traced back the reason to having worked in a bar, where the air used to be thick with cigar and cigarette smoke. She sued the bar for passive smoking, claimed and won loads of money too… but does it matter? Will the money be able to stop the pain and years of chemotherapy and hospitalization she would suffer. And all because she worked in a place where hedonistic people congregated.

After researching through the matter thoroughly our government came with this really smart idea of helping people…. “Ban smoking….in cinemas” ..Duh uh!
Why? Because the youth of India, Dumbos that they are, see actors like Rajnikanth smoke and try it themselves…
Rajnikanth also kicks the a$$ of 50 villains at the simultaneously… but that is beside the point, right? And then again how would I know? Maybe there are youth who tried that too but did not live to talk about it?

Come on! If the youths are discriminating enough to practice what looks stylish and good and ignore what might harm them, then they have taken up smoking despite knowing the pros and cons. That’s a real stale one man!!!
Public however, cannot blame the government for not doing anything to stop smoking… it can always show the ban as doing something “constructively” and still not harm the coalition.

Of course, if the government were really worried about the after effects of smoking then they would ban cigarettes...period... make it illegal and people will have no other means but to stop.
But hey! That will harm the national income… the cigarette industry is after all, a multi- million dollar one bringing in truck loads of money to the economy.

And if the government ever makes smoking illegal… at least 90% of the IT industry will go into withdrawal symptoms and start clawing at each other for smokes :-)

Remember “The cigarette does the smoking, you are just the sucker.”

PS: A friend read this blog and asked me what I was trying to say here. Do I really have to try to conclude something? This blog is like those Bharathiraja movies… you can conclude what ever u want… but I would really be glad if your conclusion is to give up smoking altogether!!!


Tamanna said...

I have always wondered what ppl find fascinating abt smoking. yewwwwww it smells so bad too

hazel said...

Oh I have given up smoking..:) BTW agree with u ... kill urself .. but just dont drag others into it..

Sanjana said...

Yes tamanna, and their excuse is that it relieves stress... how does blowing smoke relieve stress, i am not sure. :-)

Hey Hazel,
I am so happy to hear that. I have been trying so hard to make u stop for years now ;-)

Tamanna said...

hey sanju
recognised me yet?

Sanjana said...

uh! no tamanna... do i know you?