Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Duh uh!

So here I was zinging by the beach road, the Marina beach road to be more particular, at 12.30 in the afternoon. Its a pleasant 43 degrees and a cool breeze was blowing in from the sea. A breeze that promised to make people sorry for having the temerity to step outside. The AC in my car did not seem to be able to keep up with the heat outside. I turn my head and... gape.

I am not sure if I should be proud of the sturdy nature of chennaites or feel sorry for them. Ever heard of the Medieval torture of putting people in hot hot sand? well! there are people crazy enough in chennai who voluntarily run around the beach on a summer afternoon.
Not just lovers (which i can understand, coz none of their parents would suspect their offsprings of being foolish enough to invite sunstroke by necking in hot sun and so they are safe out there)..but even old people, groups of youths...and nary an umbrella on sight.

Walk on the hot sand... ok maybe they are trying to come out of the beach... but why would anyone want to actually sit and get their backside boiled. Am I missing something here... are their backsides made of some special material?
And funnily enough most times these people escape any kind of harm... but then God always does takes care of children and fools :-)


Vikram said...

I am also one of those fools who ventured to thiruvanmayuir beach on sunday afternoon, coz the breeze was really cool and the temp. seems to be less at shore than in house.

Sanjana said...

By the beach is ok... But on the sand... well can't comment on that can I :-)