Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sauten - Oh Yuck!!!!

Yeah the movie!!!! If u have not seen this movie... Please don't...
Then again if u are someone I don't like... i think u should really watch this movie.
Absolutely worth ur time :-p

Got this movie as a freebie CD (just now elections in TN got over... but i am still not over it :-)), coz of course no one would pay to get this movie
Anyways the name sounded familiar and i thought it was familiar coz someone had said it was good.

Little did i realise that i had actually read somewhere that only people with death wishes should see it.

I am still not sure what the actors were trying to do, but what ever it was, it was not acting.

The story goes like this the hero (it took me sometime to realise the creepo was the hero) has an affair with this rich old guy's young wife and then he falls in love with the old guy's daughter (acted by Kiran of gemini fame...ooh yuck!)... and i am guessing he eventually marries her too, being so chaste and heroic and all that.

God knows I could not last more than 20 minutes (and I will have u know that i am extremely awed and proud of my tolerance level) during which I fast forwarded through almost the full movie. The only reason I did not break the cd was coz it was not mine

God!!! I have heard of lousy movies but never one this bad.
There must be loads of filthy rich people who are ready to throw good moeny after bad money... how else can we explain films like this getting produced.



Vikram said...

There are lot of movies made in Hindi of same genre, better beware

Sanjana said...

One was enough to cure me of it Vikram :-)