Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I saw it today.

I have heard about it a million times from friends and relatives and seen it a million times in TV or movies. But somehow there was still that innate belief that chennai city's finest could not be bribed. Naive, you say! Yes, it was! But there was still that little kernel of hope in me that all those people were wrong.

I was coming down the road today when this traffic inspector stopped a lorry. It was not violating any traffic laws as far as I could see. Anyways the inspector asked the lorry to stop and harrassed the guys inside for sometime and when the driver pulled out some money... I was naively waiting for him to scream or do something for attempting to bribe a city official so publicly. Instead he got the money from the driver and sent them along their merry way.

Hmm! felt like a child being told there is no santa claus or tooth fairy ..:-(


hazel said...

If it makes you feel better... they do act differently when there is an accident or some thing of a bigger proportion.. from personal experience I have had atleast a couple of reasons to thank the law enforcers .. :)

Sanjana said...

Oh! Then I am glad indeed! :-)

Anonymous said...

Naive indeed! Thats the most common form of bribery happening that 1 gets to see almost on a daily basis. I'm surprised that with all the commuting u do to work, u've just noticed it.
The sole purpose of stopping these vehicles is to make some quick money. If u notice, they'll never stop luxury cars as they mite run the risk of stopping some bigshot or someone with contacts.

varuag said...

hey, this is such a common thing. u wud know this if u use a two wheeler. neways its okay i guess. they just have to finish their targets given to them by seniors. if they r way off the mark then they actually ask u to pay the fine, otherwise if its already met no point collecting fines, everyhing goes to their pocket.
i once had such an encounter while in college, was stopped at adyar signal, just stood there for about half an hour(had nothing better to do), finally got away after getting him one ice cream... howz that for a bribe :)