Monday, May 22, 2006

To you gals!

The story starts 18-20 years back when three little girls joined the same school. They played, fought, shared experiences and grew together.
Years flew and two girls moved out of the school, but the friendship only grew stronger.
Then came the colleges, each moving towards different streams and different ambitions. Each had their own friends now, their own circles, but that was only besides each other.
Finally the day came when one was to get married and move out to US. Much as it broke their hearts, it was the way of life and move out she did, towards a very happy life. Now they could all meet only once a year but, thanks to modern technology, they were definitely still in touch and best of friends. Couple of years down the lane the second girl fell in love. It was great fun for all three of them what with all the chupke chupke stuff. Finally she too got happily married and moved to Europe.

Back to the present day.

One of the girls is me. My friends came back from the different corners of the world last week and we all met. It had been six months since I saw one of them and almost a year since I saw the other. We had only one day to be together, coz the day one friend arrived, the other was leaving. It was so lovely seeing them both again, totally seamless, almost like we had never been away. We could still yak away about anything on earth and knew almost everything about each other. Yes! We do owe a lot to the new techies, but I would like to think we would be just this way even without emails and chats

So what is the big deal, you ask?! There are many men who have been friends for many decades, right!
The big deal is that a girl’s life veers after marriage, most of her decisions are based on her new family and husband, while this is not so for guys. I am not blaming the husbands here, it is something the women choose for themselves.

I would be lost without my two friends. The first time we all went to a movie alone, all those beautiful times at the beach. The way we could laugh about everything and nothing. The way we knew the other would be always with and for us. Every memory of mine of the last 20 years or so is intricately woven with them.

N , P, Love you gals!


hazel said...

I hope u know how lucky you are. :)
Not many have the chance to find or sustain a f'ship for so long ..Finally a light one after all the Us baching and teh anti quota slogan shreiking ..:) ...

hazel said...

hmm typos galore.. :(

Sanjana said...

oh I do know hazel. Hey i wrote my views on a lovely movie called sauten down below. that was pretty light :-D

Anonymous said...

phew!! its been that long ah?? Sure brought bac some good ol' memories....we've indeed had so much pure unadulterated fun.

Yeah Sanju,it was fantastic to meet up like that..

Cheers to us!! :D

luv ya 2

Anonymous said...

oh yeah..even i realised only wen u mentioned that its been almost 2 deacdes! which is a huge part of our lifetime...
well..lucky that we were able to meet up this time. it sure was fun!
luv u 2 too

Sanjana said...

Yeah I thought any friendship spanning over almost 2 decades and three different continents deserves accolades

Rashmi said...

Wow!! Got me goose bumps reading it. Very rarely can u keep up with frnds like that for decades - especially.Here's a BIG CHEERS to all such friendships...