Friday, July 14, 2006

Be careful what you wish for...

*phew* I am back into action...not as regularly as i would like to, but in action nevertheless :-)

Some very smart person in China once said 'Be careful what you wish for or you might get it"... very very smart person whoever she was...

So hey here I am in US and feeling terribly homesick. The travel was funny as hell... it was not funny then ofcourse. The first leg of the journey was in Indian airlines and it was my first flight ever. It felt more like going in the train than a plane. But for some reason i was grinning like crazy when the plane took off.

My idea of a personal hell was my last leg of the journey.. 13 hours of journey. My business class seat got downgraded to economy and they only had a middle seat. Think of 13 hours sitting squeezed between two people not being able to move this way or that and the kid sitting beside you constantly puking and the one in front of you constantly crying. But the last straw was when it was time for dinner and they said they do not have any veggie food as i had not confirmed it at the airport.. "Hello? I did not even know I was supposed to confirm that".Had to make do juices and stuff like that.

But eventually ended up here and started work the night after i landed reeling with Jet lag. Most of the people at work speak tamil and its like being back in chennai. The buses here need a special mention and i shall post separately on that.Meanwhile i did manage to get lost inside my apartment complex and lock myself out of the dressing room .. hehehe..

Its one helluva learning experience, especially for people like me who have never had to do one little thing by themselves :-)

The one thing that still daunts me is cooking... Lets see what the future has in store for me there...


Anonymous said...

Imagine flying like that every year..the only thing that keeps us going in the fact that we r flying home to india.
I too got lost in my apt. complex during the first month :)
oooh..i dont want to comment about the cooking. I'm amazed that u've been surviving on your own food for the past couple days!

Sanjana said...

Actually i have not been P. we have been doing joint cooking.. i.e. i buy the stuff and another girl cuts and another cooks...heheh.. but that will be only for another week... :-)

hazel said...

hmm.. u have a lot of time to learn cooking. . or to learn to survive on ur cooking ..hehe
okies all said and done.. u reached safely ... and have been managed to start working too... so no need of any good lucks i suppose..u know what I can predict what u r going to write abt next :D ..

JoM said...

Hey Sanjana,

Welcome aboard.
Couldnt call you!!
You know I am (always) busy.

He he.

Sanjana said...

@ Hazel: oh yeah what about?

@Jom: Hey Jomz Thanks for the welcome. i did not realise u blog buddy... no problem about not calling... i have not called u yet either :-)

Tamanna said...

Hi sanjana good to hear u reached safely :) do tell more abt ur experiences. I ve always heard ppl there live in a different world... more like aliens :-D :P
u know today i bumped into soumya at spencers. she too looks the same.. we girls are eternally beautiful i guess :P :-D

S & S said...

Now that you are with us...hope you will feel Home:)

Sanjana said...

i sure do ... thanks S&S