Saturday, July 01, 2006

Too many cooks...

*BANG BANG BANG*... in case you are wondering, thats just me banging my head on the wall.
Ever wondered why we have this tendency to share similar experiences and if possible one-up the others whenever we hear of any incident.

I had the misfortune to see what happens when there are too many cooks around.
Many relatives had come over to bid me adieu... all well meaning folks and absolutely caring.

So here I was sitting amidst them and talk went all over and came back to my flying abroad. To add to my further misfortune most of them had been abroad at one time or other and what began as an advice giving session ended up as who-has-had-the-worst-experience and who-knows-best.

Half an hour down the lane and I was literally shaking with fear and had almost decided not to step out of the house for the next decade or so.
Mom finally took pity on me and pulled me out of the melee... but I am still reeling...


ps: Hey this is my 50th post... :-D


Mark IV S'nathan said...

Hey I can help you from my side... want any?

Sanjana said...

i know i can always depends on you Mark...:-p... thanks anyways :-)

Anonymous said...

Now wen have u ever actually listened to ur relatives to react like this???????

cool it! u gonna rock the place!!

hazel said...

:) hey too late to wish u goodluck .. :D hehe ... anyways ... i hope u reached safe .. and let others reach safe too..:)