Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dreamy Day!!!

Umm!!! the weather is absolutely beautiful.
Just the way I love it. Cloudy and just cold enough to be invigorating.
The trees and sky all seem to be smiling and waving at me.
My thoughts, like butterflies, flit from one fantasy to another.
How about walking down the beach... just on the edge where the waves threaten to wet the feet, pants folded, shoes in the hands and face lifted to receive the cool breeze the beach blows at you.
or maybe the nearest park, where kids are playing and screaming, birds singing (oops!! was that a crow cawing... nahhh there are no crows in my fantasies) and you just want to laugh out loud at all the beauty and frolic right along with them.
or maybe just curl up on the sofa, snuggle in with a warm cup of chocolate, read a book and gaze out at the garden...
sighhhhhh!!! :-)

*Ping* My computer pings me back to reality. Got coupla more hours left before the day and the week ends and here I am, gazing dreamily at the horizon through the window at the far end of the room.
sighhhhhh!!! :-(

But no matter... tomorrow is another day and a Saturday at that... I shall fulfill all my fantasies then :-)

Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend too :-)...



Ranjith said...

That's a lovely fantasy :-)
Hope u had a fantasy-comes-true saturday :-D

Sanjana said...

i didn't..but thanks for the wishes anyways :-)

Anonymous said...

sanjana wat about this-
the ever-sultry-ever-hot-perhaps-for-a-change-hotter chennai finally gets rains. It rains in the daytime it rains in the evening it rains at night. It conjures up images of a warm bed, a lovely novel, romantic music and a plate of hot spicy bajji. unfortunately its monday afternoon. ( its monday the much hated day plus its afternoon the slowest part of the day hmphhhh )
And one is not supposed to bunk work on the very first day of the week. Sighhhh 5 more days for the weekend... by then it might stop raining too :-|

How did you celebrate the "big day" ?? :-D