Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Missing America

I am definitely the only person who is missing USA coz I am living there.

Every shop that I visit has indians or atleast one of its near neighbours. People throng to temples and during the vinayak chathurthi one should have seen the temple near my place to believe it.

I hardly ever hear any english spoken around here.. I have heard tamil, telugu, kanada, hindi, malayalam, spanish and korean... just no English. (ok thats a bit of exagerration... but seriously I hardly ever hear english)... Remember my wish to speak with American accent?.. I have come down to just trying to understand the american accent... sigh!!! (yesterday my favourite chef, asked me
dogoordoeadhere and I promptly told him I wanted the small one and not large...hehehe)

I swear I used to try more variety of cuisines in India than here in the US. Since I landed here I have visited every indian restaurant and not so much as tasted one bit of american.
Being a veggie doesn't help either.

I know it sounds like I am grumbling... but no actually.. its amazing and very very comforting... I feel more like I am in India here than even when I was actually in India. Almost every city I visited has a place called Little India... which is a piece of india itself placed in US.

But I sure would like to see how the actual US lives sometime :-p


Anonymous said...

The coasts r generally like that I hear..the more u go into the interiors, the more FOREIGN it gets ;-)


Ranjith said...

I enjoyed your "dogoordoeadhere" -- really true!
Another such funny question that
i had to face was when i went to get a coffee!
Some similar grabled noise came out the guy's mouth
and i had no clue what it meant! After some struggle
i figured out that he was asking "what size do you want?"(!!) I had no clue that coffee comes in three different sizes and you are supposed to choose from small, medium and large! (i call them large, Huge and GIGANTIC!). I chose small and another sound followed!
Again i'm lost. Finally the guy behind me in the queue
helped: "room for cream"?!, he translated!! -- phew!

(first, i was about to go and ask for
an "Sp. Coffee" in the chennai style!! But then i realized that i am not in Chennai! :-D )

Sanjana said...

@Ranjith: hehehe! glad to know I am not alone...but u know wat.. i don't think i am ever going to understand the accents here...each person each nationlity has their own... just when u think u have the handle on one accent another one pops up

Anonymous said...

Hey, Its Arun(LT). Here also same case. Wherever we go we can see Indians. Why you are not sending mails? Busy? No chance. Weather is turning to be very worst, it seems like winter started.

Sanjana said...

Hey Arun.. good to see u here.. Lack of mails was more because of lack of news rather than being busy. Its becoming rather cold here too.. nothing to compare with ur weather there though i am sure..

Anonymous said...

be here for few more years and you will learn a new language (mix of all :D).

hazel said...

:D may be u r lookign for the wild wild west..

Sanjana said...

@Hazel: I am in the wild wild west, except that it doesn't seem very wild... not to me anyways.. :-)