Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Indo-Pak Game

The Indo-Pak game is the longest played game and has been on for more than 60 years.

Saw The Hindu yesterday. one of the headlines screamed... Indo-Pak peace talk to resume ...(again???)

Its kinda funny... everytime Pak hits India directly they lose and go back with their tails tucked behind. But that never stops them from sneaking an attack every now and again.
And when india gets ready to retaliate (yeah right!!! like thats gonna happen)... they wave forward a white flag and call for a peace talk.

Bharath Maa being so soft hearted always melts into a puddle, forgets all her loses and agrees to the talk until the next attack.

This is what in our SW jargon called an infinite loop.

Remember the last peace talk... just as it was going on, there was an attack and bombing in india and when the finger was pointed towards Pak... their prime minister immediately threatened retribution using nuclear weapons?
But hey thats ok... All is forgiven... hum bhai bhai hain... just like Kane and Abel... so what if their government is bad, the people of Pak love us and so we love them back

India follows the christian principle of showing the other cheek with a difference.
Here is my back and here is the knife... please feel free to stab anytime.

Aur Kya Kahoon.. Mera Bharath Mahan!!!

PS: Dya know that in most of the World Maps created outside India, part of kashmir is shown belonging to Pakisthan, making the top of India quite mishapen...esp all of them created in US? Be sure to google for this if u do not believe me.

PPS: Dya know that this news is known to most indians and they do not find anything wrong with it :-(


Ranjith said...

After reaching the US, i had an opportunity to talk to a Pak guy in my univ. He being a reasonable guy we talked about india-pak issues and so on and i was shocked to learn the kind of things they teach in pak schools, about india!!
The kids are taught that they got freedom frm India (and Hindus -- not from the British!!) And it seems the history books are full of hatred and bias against india!!

So, the point is, as long as the kids there grow up learning all this, there will be "fidayeens" ready to die for their "noble cause", decimating all the "vicious" indians!!
As u poined out, the peace talks will continue to be a set of funny acts in the drama! It'll not take us anywhere, until the ground reality inside Pakistan changes... I don't know how and when this will happen.

BTW, remember, if you're opposing peace talks, you will be immediately termed as jingoistic, conservative etc etc !! (by a set of people imagining themselves as "progressives"!)


Sanjana said...

@Ranjith: People are always ready to nay say everything... can't really live our lives based on their opinion can we :-). Anyways wat use is a peace talk after which there is no peace?

While I am not surprised by the Pak people's mentality towards India, what saddens me is the indian mentality towards india. A total indifference :-( (no offense to people who are patriotic)