Wednesday, September 06, 2006

oh :-(

Was reading a blog by a lady from Lebanon...

Made me feel petty for letting little frustrations get to me, when people all around the world are struggling to stay alive and healthy.The bewilderment and confusion among the people in beirut, wondering why all this was happening to them when they had never done anything against Israel, is heart breaking.

I don't find the scenario between India and Pakisthan all that different from Israel and Lebanon. So how come the world stood aside and let all this destruction, but frowns on india and threatens all kinds of repurcussions if it takes any revenge.

I am not condoning the violence but am trying to understand what could motivate someone to cause another human such untold misery and still be able to sleep.

I get queasy as hell when I see the remains of a rat after the cat has had its fill. Wonder how these people justify themselves to their conscience when they are the cat.


PS: I am still frustrated... but now about the world... hehehe


hazel said...

The result of one emotion taking over completely..extreme Religious fervor... misplaced patriotism.. greed... and ofcourse there would always be people to pour oil in to the fire... Of this I guess the first one is the most potent... Religion always helps get over the calls of the conscience..
and oh btw the person who said 'everything is fair in love and war' ought to have his neck wringed...

Anonymous said...

I wish if you had read a bit more about the middle east problems before writing this blog!

Lebanon has been housing all sorts of terrorists organizations and they have been attacking Israel for ages. Just like Pakistan houses ISI, LeT etc etc...

The terrorist organization Hezbolla has been creating major trouble for Israel and is a prt of
Lebanons ruling coalition. Hezbolla mean "Army of God" and they think it is their devine right to do all this!
(so is kashmiri militants, Osama and others)

Hypocritic media start crying when Israel attacks back. They keep quite when terrorists attack Israel!

It's true that innocents suffer in such wars. But there
is a basic issue. Lebanon's govt supports terrorism.
It is the duty of the people of Lebanon
to controll their govt. If they don't, they will suffer!
No point in crying!

The India-Pakistan analogy you used is just the other way. Imagine after all this pak-supported bomb blasts, when things go ubearable, india attacks pak. Whom will you blame ? you can't blame india, becos, the pak govt. supports terrorist orgs. It is true that innoncent pak citizens will be killed. They may write blogs against india. But the fact is that the pak people have been failing in electing a good govt that does no support terrorism. It is the duty of the pak people to make sure that their govt and their poeple do not trouble their neighbours. And if a war happens, that is the indirect consequence of the inefficiency of the pak people to understand this! So they may suffer!

i hope you get the point.

have you seen the recent movie by speilberg, "Munich"? You will get an idea how old is the problem. It also makes you think about terrorism

i request you not to form your opinion only by reading someone's blog!

Sanjana said...

you could well be right in all you say anonymous... my point in writing this blog was not the issue of lebanon and israel or pakistan and india... but the wanton destruction and inhuman killing that one person is able to perpetuate on another. I can't seem to understand how they explain their actions to themselves and are able to live with their conscience.
I just used the middle east situation and our own as an example.
Please leave ur name on the comments...its kinda weird calling people anonymous :-)

Tamanna said...

well anon

terrorism can have different meanings to diff ppl. If you enter another country and then spread terror, yes it is terrorism. like ISI does.
Now if u fight in ur own country against an oppressor (mayhaps using guerilla warfare ) then do u stil call it terrorism!? what we did against the british was not terrorism definitely. thats what we called a freedom struggle. why not apply the analogy to lebanon?

Read Orwell's 1984. There they talk about a language massively enforced by the govt (they call it newspeak). This puts out their propaganda and they eliminate anyone who says anything against them. I feel something like that is happening now. Just cos some countries choose to call some countries terrorist states, one shouldnt blindly follow them. See for yourself whether its justified. If they had a grain of honesty/uprightness in them, they wouldnt hesitate calling Pak a terrorist state. They dont cos it doesnt suit their interests.

Whats really happening in Mideast is not telecasted in CNN. Check out other sources too. Thats why a blog is more personal. The lady in lebanon underwent those trials and hence shouted to the world. Newschannels telecast from distant AC rooms not connected at all with the reality.

Anonymous said...

do you mean to say Hezbollah is a part of a freedom struggle ? Freedom from what?! Lebanon has their own govt and they have all the freedom in the world to live their own way. The problem starts when they start poking on Israel!
For example, everything was pretty peaceful in Beirut unitil July 12, 2006. But that day Hezbolla sent several rockets across the border to Israel! Isn't that the cause for all this recent issues and all this blog-writing?! Is that a freedom movement?! I'm sorry! I don't understand!

i am not supporting everything Israel does. But I think, as long others dont come and attack Israel, they don't attack back(that is what i see). But once you attack them, they might attack back brutally! you can't help!
it's their question of survival.