Sunday, October 09, 2011


Do you re-read books?
I think its almost as pleasurable as reading a new one.
Especially if its a favorite book, its like visiting an old friend.
Some one you are very comfortable with and know all the nuances.
Sometimes even better than an old friend :-)

Sigh! I am in a weird mood. Melancholy! Need to take some rather important decisions and don't want to regret anything later. In fact I am wondering if I should regret some decisions already taken. But a more useless emotion has never been invented than regrets and I try to in it indulge as little as possible.
What has the books to do with my mood? Nothing at all. Just ruminating on life. hmm!

On the flip side. I have got my brand new shiny red laptop. The keyboard is different in this and its driving me batty. But enjoying playing with it. And even better got my Kindle. I was secretly wondering if I would get any use out of it.. Dumb! yeah, but I am enjoying it too.

Hope y'all are having a good weekend. Ciao


RS said...

So kindle is going to office with you? Tell me something - I was wondering if it was better than reading the actual book. You know, sometimes even if I've read a book online I want to get hold of the paper-book just because...

Sanjana said...

Not yet. Forgot to buy a cover for it. So its for home usage until the cover is delivered. There is almost no difference between a book and a kindle. It uses this e-ink technology, so it looks like the words are written on the kindle screen using ink. and there is no back light, so you cannot read it in the dark unless you have external light.