Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I have a stalker

I mean it! I actually have a phone stalker and its frightening.
Apparently this creep who works for my bank suddenly got obsessed with my name becoz he had a girl friend by the same name or some such.
He has access to all my information, including my personal, work , account and contact details.
He used to call me pretty regularly couple of years back until I threatened with going to the police. Then he stopped.

I got a SMS from someone yesterday night wishing me a happy birthday and when I asked who he was, he said he was not my friend. Annoyed I told him to stop messaging me, thinking it was some prankster.
He replied back asking if I still worked in my XYZ company and when I ignored that, another asking me not to contact him. WTF!

Today I get a call from him saying his name is Venkatesh from my bank (which is the same creep from couple of years back) and he knows where I work and that he used to talk to me couple of years back. He wanted to know if I still lived in Chennai and if I was married etc ... and apparently he had completed MBA and wants me to get him a job in my company. While I did ask him to take a flying @#$@.
Its still frightening that some schmuck has access to so much of my personal and financial info.
Am I over reacting? Maybe! Anyways wondering what I must do next?

My friends tease me calling me a weirdo magnet.. but this is ridiculous!


RS said...

No no! you are definitely NOT over reacting. And its even more scary that he is not some stranger and has all your details and called you back after 2 yers also! I would say - lodge a complaint with the bank authorities atleast and let them know - and please keep family informed! plz plz plzzz...

Sanjana said...

@RS: Yes! I will keep my family informed. and yes I am thinking about informing the bank authorities too.

andrea chiu said...

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