Monday, October 31, 2011

Can we have enough friends?

Four of my old friends, whom I had thought I had lost touch with, contacted me.
Have been feeling very very happy :-).
One of them was actually my school friend, dunno how she got my number but darned glad she did.

With another friend, we had had a small tiff and had not spoken in quite a few months.
Life being what it is, we slowly lost touch. While I was not actively thinking of him, only when I spoke to him today and felt a lightness, did I realize that I had had this slight weight weighing down my heart. Now of course its all forgotten and its back to normal again.

Can a person really have enough friends? I don't think so.
 They are after all one of the most important facets for an interesting life.

Sigh! Its been a good week :-)

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RS said...

Friendzzzzzzzzz are beshtesht - how else would I be blogging if not for a friend's push? :-D

Ah! nice word verification: tingl