Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's frightening

Well Well! waddya know I seem to have written something similar last week or so and it never got published.. So here goes.

Wondering what I am talking about? Growing older!!!
Darned thing is fraught with responsibilities, responsibilities and more responsibilities.
I just had a talk with Dad on investments, medical insurance and general old age etc
Where ever did I get the idea that I would earn and then spend and maybe put away some of it in a FD or something and that was that.

I have this hollow feeling in my stomach.
So many things to think about. The pros, cons, the long term impact. *Shudder*
How do I make my parents comfortable and completely cared for in their older age.
Not that they need it from me, but that is still my duty and I have not really thought much about it.

It also has me thinking about my old age. What about my medical insurance at that time?
Where would I be? What will I be doing?
And Oh my god! Pension schemes. Aren't I way to young to think about that? Apparently not. It seems one is supposed to think of pension when they start into a job so they will have a nice windfall to enjoy post retirement.

Gah! There goes my plans for retiring in another 10 years.

Enough already! I am just going to shut down my mind and try some meditation. OOOOHHHHMMMMM!

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RS said...

Oh yeah! Seriously thinking of LIC Jeevan Anand!!