Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gurukanth Desai

How many times would I have seen this movie? 10 times 15 times. I still like to see it again.
Of all the movies of Abhishek Bachchan I think Guru was his best show.
Have always had a soft corner for AB Jr. Poor guy, always under his dad and wife's shadow.
But this is one movie where he has shown the world what he is made of.
Love his laugh in the movie, that shoulder shaking, teeth baring, belly rolling laugh .

But credit where credit is due, I have always maintained that Mani Rathnam could make a statue act. So not surprising that Aish not only did some acting but such subtle understated acting at that.
(Even though the Time magazine called her an actress-model and not a model actress.. Good play of words huh?!)

How many of you remember Roshan seth? He was Nehru in the Gandhi movie and the anchor of the old Doordarshan Sunday night program Bharat Ek Khoj. It used to be telecast when I was very young and didn't really understand much, but I still remember being awed by chacha Nehru's language in it.
When I hear/see Roshan Seth today, I still think of him as Nehru, and a very handsome one at that.
It made me smile to see him as the head of panel of Judge hearing Guru's case. A very good actor indeed!

One of my favourite movies and a satisfying experience. 


RS said...

All I have to say - AB Baby's fan - me too me too...

Sanjana said...

OK which baby is this? the AB Baby or AB Baby's Baby?

RJ said...

OMG you said it! I watched this movie again yesterday and i lost the count on the number of times i am seeing this movie. Yeah... AB did a gud job, but the entire credit goes to our very own Mani.. the way he has conceived the story and the screen play... the movie is a great tribute to Dirubhai..
Its the most inspiring movie i have seen

The highlight of the movie is the dialogues..havent seen a movie with more powefull dialogues.. and below are my fav. three from the movie..

"Sabkutch pehle se hi lika hai"

"Naam kya tha tumhara?...
Tha nahi... hai.. aur rehega... Gurukanth Desai"

"Gurubhai se ladna .. Gurubhai banke ladna... lekin gurubhai eki hai"

and am sure i will see this movie many more times and every time it wuld be fresh..

Sanjana said...

@RJ: The problem with any Mani movie is that there are scores of dialogues that are memorable.

The initial dialogue between Ash and Roshan Seth where she says
"Imtihaan leejiye ya Jaan lijeeye par jo bhi kehana hai Hindi mein kahiyae"

Or AB's final dialogue to the Panel. Aapne mujhe 5 minute diya aur maine 4.30 minute mein katham kar diya. 30 second munafa, profit. Yehi business hai"

RS said...

the AB Baby babe! Im not too fond of his wife and have no clue how the little one looks either... so...

Sanjana said...

@ RS: I think we have had this mutual Jr Babe fan club before.
and no one seems to like his wife, except his father *Snicker*

Tamanna said...

I never liked his wife, somehow that feeling got transferred to the hubby as well :)

Sanjana said...

@ Tamanna :- He does come across as ineffectual doesn't he :-)
But I still like him