Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pretty Red shoes!

*** Feminine post alert ***

My friend PSR sent me this shoes blogger link and my eyes lit upon this beautiful article.
And here I was thinking I am the only one coveting red shoes and it turns out the whole wide world is right there with me.
Needless to say I had to rush to Metro to check if they had any red shoes. And boy! did they?! It was this seriously cute peep toe with about 2.5 inches heels. I had unfortunately taken my mom along and she put her foot down and refused to let me buy such big heels. Sigh!
So anyways I got another pair of rather cute red sandals with 1 inch heels.

Two days ago I met PSR and she was flying high, coz she had got a pair of red shoes too. A little while ago my friend from UK calls me to tell me rather sheepishly that she could not resist this pair of red shoes she had seen.  (Way to go gals! :-) )

Today I wore my new sandals to work.. feeling rather good about myself (until I got into the share auto, but that's another story for another time) and what do I see?
So many pretty feet wearing .. what else.. but pretty red footwear.
Its a good feeling to be a part of such a large sisterhood! :-)

PS: Took some fotos of my new shoes thro my mobile, but unable to transfer it to my comp.


Archana said...

I have been red shoe fan(literally shoes - canvas, moccassins etc) since school days.. but have never had the guts to buy the heels! And now with a baby... all I can do is droll at such photos, and wear my red checked converse!!

Archana said...

drool*... one typo can change the meaning!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Hat-tip!
I will endeavor to put up a snap of my new red high heel peep-toes with a big red bow on the front.
Meanwhile, why dont you send a pic of your shoes and I will feature you on my blog?
All the best for your future with red shoes :D

Sanjana said...

@Indiashoes: Will look forward to seeing your new red high heel peep toes. :-) Thanks for your wishes. Let me see about sending you my shoes foto