Saturday, November 19, 2011


Just dropped by to say a quick hello and let y'all know that I am alive if not well.
Got two audits coming up next week and been working like mule over weekends and early mornings (Yes! me actually getting up and working) and weekdays too :-P
Just to make life a little bit more easy a colleague went home to enjoy wedded bliss dumping all his work on me.
But the most painful of all. Ended up cancelling a movie-dinner date grrrr!

But the silver lining is that I got an award and whooping big cash prize at work.
Talked to PSR after a long time and she never fails to put my spirits high.
Talked to head honcho.. who I thought was a crashing bore and nag, but turned out to be surprisingly sweet.
and whowudathunk that I would become such a addict to bollywood gossip. I hardly see any movies.. but nowadays get my quota of the gossip served right on time though :-D

My weirdo magnet works just fine. that's neither good nor bad.. just entertaining. but thats for another day.

So ciao all until I have time to come out for a breather.. hopefully by next weekend


RS said...

Hey! all the best for the audits... Will talk to you soon...

Sanjana said...

Thank you. will look forward to talking to u soon