Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have always thought relief was a sentiment and never knew you could feel it physically.
Remember the Audit I was talking about.. the one I had been living, breathing, eating for the last 3 weeks?
Well! Had the audit today and boy!!! we kicked its butt, BIG Time.

All through the day we were hearing all these horror stories and suggestions, how to talk and how not to talk blah blah. By the time the audit time rolled in I had lost all objectivity and was just numb.

Though we had to do some sleight of hand, we impressed the auditor big time.

When I came out of the conference room, I could actually physically feel this huge weight that was sitting right on my chest disappear. I could suddenly breathe.
Wowza! wat a feeling :-D

Now if I could convince my boss to gimme coupla days off to unwind my joy would be complete.
Neways Yayy!!!

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RS said...

Ah! Congrats! So you DO need a couple of days off to unwind and not feel the pressure :-) Enjoyyy....