Sunday, December 18, 2005

12 at night

Its 12 sunday night, I am in office working on a night shift. There are just 6 of us in the whole floor and there is a eerie feel... no no its not a ghost story
I have finished my work and want to go home and can't :-(
My parents are paranoid with worry and I have been strictly told not to come out of the office until light!
Another 6 hours atleast of sitting in the office with nothing to do... (well i do have work but there is no way i am going to do tomorrow's work tonite :p) and this is not just my case but of all the women who have come for the night shift tonite.
Its not like we have never been on a night shift or gone home in the middle of the night... so wats so special now?
A 28 year lady, in bangalore, was assualted and murdered when returning home from work by the driver of the cab she was travelling in.
And to boot the place near my office though having very heavy traffic does not have much in the way of pedestrian traffic and is well known for chain snatching. One of my colleagues was even almost kidnapped. Fortunately, he escaped with just some bruises, but that is another story for another time.
Coming back to the original story, the murderer has been caught and doesn't seem to be repenting (anyways wat is his repenting going to solve. And I cannot think of any excuse a person can have for committing such an inhuman act.) There will be a case and he might even be sentenced to hanging. And by the time his punishment is to be completed, people from the human rights commission and even women's organisation will come forward to lessen the punishment, as it has happened before, coz the poor guy has suffered enough. So wat if he has cruelly murdered an innocent woman, she is already dead, isn't she? So what if her relatives are mad with grief, its only fair we have to let the murderer free, how else do we control the population?

Sigh!!! i am sure everyone is wondering what i am trying to say here.
just expressing my ire on having to stay in office after 12 on a sunday night.

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