Friday, December 23, 2005


Its christmas weekend and time to be good.
so i am being a good girl. Got a book hidden behind all my work and stuff ...hehhe

I am in a weekend mood and its criminal to work today
I sit in this corner seat and am reading this really delicious romance...
One friend has just given me some VCDs and another has given me a bunch of asterix comics...
People are going home for christmas and i know i can expect loads of cakes and sweets and wat not on monday

Friends from other places have been sending mails on the fun and games they have at their workplaces,owing to christmas ... but i am just feeling too good and lazy to work up the energy to envy them

sigh! life's good.... :-)

atleast until the next mail from onsite ... :-(


Anonymous said...

Harini, finally I saw u'r blog. U r regular at blogging. Good.

Anyways there won't be any email from client till year end as they will be enjoying the X'mas break.


Sanjana said...

you were too optimistic and underestimated our onsite ppl vikram... I did get mails from them after all :-)