Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kicking off....

I have been reading so many blogs and wondered why not me?... after all it seems to be similar to writing in a diary and so many people are posting tough could it possibly be?
sigh!!! and I am learning just how tough...
can't think of a thing to write...
people are assuring me that as I start writing the words will just flow. Well I am still waiting to start.
Guess I need a kick start..:-p

Anyways thought I would just write what has been plaguing my mind for sometime
Does it strike any of you that Chennai seems to be having “Thanni la gandam” ( loosely translated “Trouble with water”).
Killi josiyars and astrologers must be having a ball with the weather … predicting rains, cyclones, sunny days and probably with more accuracy than the weather man. The poor guy whose words nature always listens to, if he says rain…u can be sure it will be a sunny day.
But I am digressing
First it was a 4 year drought... when water was sooo scarce that it was becoming more expensive than gold or even *gasp* petrol :-p
But people were desperate for water and prayed so hard that God thought…”hmmm! want water do they…so be it”
In came the tsunami… huge amounts of water sneaking in when people were unawares and taking a huge toll …
At so much destruction God thought *oopsie! May be this was not wat they wanted when the asked for water” and he said “let it pour” and I guess in all His hurry forgot to stop it… or maybe there was some appraisal coming and He is just meeting target after the four years of no rain. (oh don't look! but thats my SWE mentality showing :-p)
And so from one end of the spectrum to the other… Chennai, which was going neck on neck with the Thar desert decided to change its name to Chennice a la Venice.
We do not have roadways anymore… just water ways….and there is even a rumour Director of MTC has been thinking of importing some boats and gondolas for transport. :-p

Now that’s the story of the last 5 years.
I almost shudder to think what’s in store next year


Anonymous said...

Me Me Me..I am the first one to post a comment here..And thanks for the translation..I would have been lost with all those complicated tamil words ..About the showers unlimited in chennai ..I guess its time to start another yagya to stop it ...

Ur Frnd said...

Hey!! I just read in a news paper that Chennai is having these spates of bad weather only after its name got changed from "Madras" to " Chennai" something about numerology here!! So U want an end to these weather tantrums? How abt naming ur city back to "Madras"??