Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Some interesting facts

I came across these real interesting facts when reading for some exams
Dya know that...

=> In the middle ages it was not a crime to murder another person... you just have to give money to the murdered person's family (called BOT) and ur slate was considered clean. or if the victim's family decided to kill you or ur family, that was quite ok too. But if u said a blasphemous word, u were done for... they could hang you, skin or boil u alive or maim.. depending on how blasphemous the word....

=> A little before that it was believed that man was not responsible for any crime he committed... a demon/devil was said to have got into him, which was making him act that way... so he was not punished... only exorcised, by whaling the hell outta him with a broom or watever...(guess he wouldn't mind getting punished after all..:-p)... but then again maybe i should not have said it was in the middle ages... after we still have it in India :-(

=> In France if u see a blind man walking towards a well (unknowingly) and you don't help him out... you are punishable for that offence... *oops sorry i was not seeing where i was going* :-p

Anyways hey Congrats to Sachin... 35 centuries...*wow*

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