Monday, April 17, 2006

Do I look dumb?

Stop! don't answer that question... I can see the evil look in your eyes and I know what the answer is gonna be :-)...

Anyways the title of the blog came after reading the election manifestos of some of the parties that are contesting in the assembly election in TN.

Some of the parties have such ridiculous manifestos that if their intention was to gain popularity, they have succeeded beyond expectation. Oh! its nothing y'all have not already heard of... one party promises 2 Rs. per Kg of "Quality" rice (I hear they made a similar promise in another assembly election in the 60s and won, so this must be tried and tested method) and of course free color TV for all families, that do not already have one, for women’s recreation and general knowledge... Mein Gott!!! what an earth shattering matter... what ever will those poor families do without a TV? Hmm!! Dya think they will also provide cable connection???

Another party promises 15kg rice free per month for every poor family. What is the definition of poor here? Don't a majority of people in TN live in poverty?... i will leave the exact statistics to this particular party leader... :-)

But wait! I went one level above checked out some manifestos in the national level. One party actually promised to grant special arms to one sect of people to defend themselves against social oppression. (Who will saves us from them then?) ... Thank the good lord that party did not win Another manifesto promised to build a memorial on the Babri masjid site.... (yeah! lets not let anyone forget that incident ever)

But then ridiculousness and absurdity is not the sole property of India... Politics in other countries are even more funny… I read somewhere that one contestant even promised longevity of life. I refuse to comment on my favorite politician, though, coz he was actually re-elected for his dumbness.

World over, though, barring the ridiculous and a few country/state/city/ panchayat related issues… If u have read one manifesto, you have read them all.

Oh and all this talk of elections reminded me of this bit of news I saw. President Musharraf has elected himself as the president on Pakistan for another 5 year term… Now that’s wat I call an election …hehehe

Ok! Coming back to our assembly elections… where are the parties gonna get the money to make good their promises? Aw right! No pitying looks! I know they are not gonna do any such thing. But it sure is fun to see them stabbing each other and calling names… of course sometimes it gets downright indecent. When they go overboard with abusive language, don’t these people understand that it reflects on their own character? Oops! I know… what character? And coalition.. wow! I will stab u in the back today and lick ur boots tomorrow… jeez!!! Anything goes.

Now that brings me to my problem… who do I vote for… each one is promising such “lucrative” things … sigh!!!!! :-p


hazel said...

I do not think they would need much money ... considering that the definition of poor is rather vague... and how many families do u think have no color tvs ..:)
.. considering the number of T antennas that poke out of even slums. .. i do not think they would have to shell out much ;). I think these people are smart ..:)
and anyways... promises are not words they understand too well heh

Vikram said...

On lighter note u r dumb to read so many manifestos instead of popular fiction. These are all empty promises is known truth, these are just to mesmerise gullible people.

Tamanna said...

hey check out lokparitran.. google it. interesting.

Sanjana said...

@ Vikram... Aw gee! thanks :-p... I was reading the manifestos coz they are as good as any fiction.. and buddy get me some book will ya... i am desperate for a good popular fiction :-)

@ Tamanna: Yeah I have already googled them... But they are the sensible ones... we are not dealing with them here, are we :-)

Tamanna said...

i meant they could be an option. they are for me

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I thought you are working. How do you find time to write so many blogs in your spare time. I find it difficult keeping up with the new ones :)and you keep complaining that I am not reading your blogs :P. You know who I am :P

Sanjana said...

@ Tamanna: Oh! i have also already decided to vote for them.But as i said they have only sensible manifestos and so i have not mentioned them here :-)

@Anon: Hey i keep pestering all my friends to read 'em... so you will have to identify urself.and yeah i am working...but this is my outlet... so i make time to write 'em.

Anonymous said...

We grewup together in the same house. I guess you know me now ;). Thought you are pestering only me. I pity your friends.

Anonymous said...

oh thank u! somebody has pity on us! ;)
btw, do u think this lokparitran will be able to survive in the midst of the existing politicians! i dont know if people are taking them seriously, are they?

Sanjana said...

Sigh!! there is a conspiracy going against me. :-(...

@anon: yeah now I do know who u r... why r u not putting in ur name?...anyways keep reading and updating :-)

@P: ni chn ku varumpothu naan ona pathukaren :-)... no i don't think they will be able to win...but i wanna support them anyways... and i hope they don't just give up after the first time