Saturday, April 15, 2006


What can I say, we are all very emotional people... especially us south indians.
We try our level best not to think with our minds ... actually we try our level best not to think. We thrive on giving our blind faith and following to all our stars (be it movie or politics).

Rajkumar was a great actor (never seen any of his movies myself), But hey he did die of natural causes like... old age perhaps? I can understand people grieving for him - yes. Coming in throngs to see his last journey - Yes! But killing and maiming others - NO.

What kind of grief kills others? if they felt that bad...shouldn't they have tried suicide! and he was not even related to them. How can they sleep without their conscience killing them? and did killing all these people bring the old man back to life? How does his death really change these people's life? Two months from now will they even remember him, except as an old star with some great acting skills?
One can be forgiven for being impulsive and jumping in without fore thought when there are extenuating circumstances but this reeks of murder to me.

End of december 2004, just after the Tsunami a rumour started here that a party leader had passed away. No one even waited to confirm the news... rioting started, cars were broken, shop windows smashed, and all offices, fearing for their employee safety, closed early. The leader, needless to say, was hale and hearty.

I shudder to think what would happen in TN when some of the famous ppl (read personalities-with-obsessive-following) pass on to their just rewards.

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hazel said...

Those are not fans... those are hooligans...hiding in the crowd looking for trouble.. the tiger in a sheep's skin... and what were the Big guys doing?... Didnt I read somewhere the Big guys carry guns nad stuff to make sure things are fine??? ... hmm .. sad ..