Thursday, April 27, 2006

My say

-There is a cyclone forming in the Bay of Bengal, and y'all can give the credit where the credit is due... which would be “yours truly”. I have been coming to office on time for the past... (Please note the number here)... 10 days... and I was expecting rain but God, I guess, was seriously overwhelmed :-)

- From Cain and Abel to Pravin n Pramod... nothing surprising there. But I do like Mahajan, was sure he would be the next PM for us. Now here is a guy who is actually sane, educated, does not knuckle under very easily and *gasp* willing to take responsibility for his mistakes, and is still in politics:-0.

- The Quota system is creating more and more furor among students... 5 medical colleges have gone on strike... what is laudable is that there are many OBC/Sc/ST students also, who tired of being called reservation candidates and generally considered dumb, have joined the strike. Yay!!!

- Vikram Budhi (poor guy) was arrested in US for having written something that might provoke Iraqis’ to assassinate Bush... yeah right!!!!*gag*

- In ‘We the people’, this week's debate was ‘Are beauty pageants relevant in the current society'...not sure why they make such a big fuss out of it ... after all physical beauty like brains are God given, so those who have use and those who don’t ...teach :-p...
One significant thing did strike me though... how come all these beauty queens who worship at the pedestal of beauty always claim to have mother Teresa as their role model and not Aishwarya Rai or Sushmita Sen during the QA session?...The guys were very sad that they do not get as much exposure as the women models :-)

- The only sensible party for the election seems to be Lok Paritran and somehow they don't seem to be very serious in their endeavor... or maybe it’s just me.

- Lathika Saran is the country’s first woman’s police commissioner of a metropolitan city… Go Girl!!!! (Got this one from a friend just now :-))

- How can we forget Nepal… after all the trouble India has gone through, one would think it would have learnt to keep its nose out of other people’s business. Didn’t we get annoyed when US put its very long nose into Indo-Pak business and the Pokhran project? Wish some one would tell India to stuff it and mind its own business. If Nepal wants democracy, it knows how to go about it.

Sigh!!! Gotta get back to work. Chao!


kris said...

hey lemme first start with politics, no one other than our man wud dare competing with our big babe..this time though there were many 'allakai's' tryin to get hold of the HOT SEAT.all of us saw wat happ is only either of the two who dominate our state politics..ppl still vote only for 'anna' or 'mgr',cos the politicians canvass only by using their the uneducated mass vote only for them. the so called educated mass is useless cos they hardly come out to excercise their right and vote.major votes come only from uneducated masses.
Now with beauty contests:
I feel it all works pre-planned. there are lot of politics involved in this as well.its just a waste of time talkin bout it.
The quality of education in our country wil improve only if the quota system is abolished.
heh the end of the day if u look properly into any problem that is happening in our country we can find atleast one politician involved in it.

Sanjana said...

There is a saying, kris, that as long as there are fools there will people around to fool them. Since the educated masses are not ready to do anything but crib and complain... guess we are stuck with the way things are now.

See my prediction came true. Lok paritran broke up after all.