Thursday, April 13, 2006

I hate change :-(

I hate change ...hate it hate it hate it...x-(
I don't care what all the self improvement books tell... i still hate change
i am being shifted to a new office... a huge one with the latest machines and thingamajicks... Every one has their own fones and its all the latest and best and I absolutely... HATE it.

My old office is... well... old, we don't have the latest machines here... and it is quite small ... compared to the new one... But it has personality...
Ok! the true reason i am bellyaching is that... I like being a big fish in a small pond... once into my new office I lose my Individuality and *shudder* become a non-entity...
For god's sake! i went into this new office and promptly got lost... had to get help to get out of the place...
I can't just turn up at my friend's cubicles whenever i feel bored... i will be among strangers...
and the damn place makes me claustrophobic... grrrr!!!!

I hate change


Anonymous said...

You "hate" change. Hmmm.. Change is something that happens everywhere and once you get used to the environment, the new becomes old. Believe me, no one likes change, for the fear of being lost. Recently, one of my office main printer stopped working and the tech has placed a note on the printer for us to move to another one. I found that change very hard, as I did not have the link to that printer. Once I knew how to access it, I like the printer. This is just a small change that our mind is unwilling to accept, the same is the case for most of the changes. Promotion is also a change, have you ever hated promotion :).

travellingfarmer said...

We all Do!!! and i totally agree to it that no matter what label we put to it no matter what brave we mask on....the bottomline is we hate changes big time...we r mosre prone to rountine, patterns, smilarityies, conformities, uniformities, being systamatic, being charishmatic( oops that was just me! :) etc etc....

hey let me cut my wisecracks (for this and only this comment only and send ya this serneity prayer).dunno about itz effect but hey atleast it sounds good :


God grant me the
serenity to accept
the things I cannot
courage to change the
things i can,
and the wisdom to know
the difference.

Sanjana said...

@ anonymous: Hated promotion... NO! :-) But nervous about the changes it entails...yes!.. Yeah! I know I will eventually get used to the idea..but until then I reserve the right to hate it :-)

@Pundit: Thank you for ur prayer
:-)... its indeed an honour to see a comment from someone who exudes charisma habitually :-D

hazel said...

:-D dooobie doobie do... ok thats me prancing arnd.. If my limited powers of deduction is right... you are moving to the paradise beyond chennai .. :) hehe ... finally.. there is some justice is the world after all... lol... ok ok ... wont laugh...see me actually very sad.. sympathise with u .. empathise with u .. ok dont worry ... I am sure you would be the big fish in the big pond...probably thats y teh change... in the mean while dhoobie dhoobie doooo .. :D

Sanjana said...

@Hazel: There is justice in the world and ur powers of deduction failed u... this one is just behind the old one... :-)

Let ur words come true hazel :-)