Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Not really a laughing matter... but in this fast paced life of today, people seem to be having mid life crisis in their mid to late 20s :-p


travellingfarmer said...

itz true...itz not a laughing matter afterall..i mean what else do ya expect...when the whole life expectancy hgas reduced around 40 yrs...kinda obvious that mid life crisis hitz us at 20 aint it???

P.S havent ya heard the tiny tonts whine " Life mein bhut tension hai!!! " :D

I get it itz a fast paced life...but rally not sure what we will find once we reach there at this whoooping speeds!!! maybe a sign which says " Dumbo, it was the road that matter, not the stupid destination! " Shoulder shrug!!!!


Sanjana said...

Hey Pundit,
If anything with all this technological improvements, life expectancy has increased, not decreased.
But yeah I do agree in that the pressure/stress/tension has increased by leaps and bounds for all age groups.. Kids are taught to forget their childhood in pursuit of the elusive happiness they will attain in their adulthood and adults don't know when to stop... its a sad thing :-(

travellingfarmer said...

babe i agree that life expectancy has increased. I was talking about india u see. I read somewhere that indians mostly consisted of young people...ever wondered what happenend to the the same young peopole once they became oldies??? i was not sure if to feel proud or sad at the above mentioned statistics.....:)

Psst Psst....do drop your comment at the latest (shorter that the last fiasco ) post of mine, will ya??? I tried innuendos by commenting on two postz of urs but ****POOOOF******ZILCH!!! :(