Friday, March 12, 2010

@ Lunch

This was the conversation that happened today at lunch between me and a lady who was my friend's friend. I had just been introduced to her about 20 minutes ago.

Lady: (Suddenly turning to me) Are you married?
Me: Hmm! No
Lady: Are you iyer or iyengar ?
Me: uh! why?
Lady: Would be interested in marrying my brother?
Me: ohhh! hmmm! Ahhh! How did you know I was a Brahmin?

After my extremely witty repartee, I changed the subject. :-D


RS said...

Hahah! Some wellwisher she was! Why didnt you agree to 'See' the guy? and ask if he can cook and sing? Then you could've thought of a 'viewing' session right? :-D

Sanjana said...

What wellwisher? I had not met the lady 20 minutes ago. and Honestly I was slackjawed with astonishment that I could not think of anything worthwhile to say :-D

Hazel said...

:D ... did she get intro to u .. becoz she wanted to ask this very qs ?

jaacostan said...

above all those facts,u r a nice good looking girl...(may be, i thats y she paid her attention towards u for her brother !!
Attractions !!!

Sanjana said...

hmm!!! Thanks Jaacostan (i think) ..:-)

jaacostan said...

yeah,thumbs 4 the visit !! :-p