Thursday, March 18, 2010

Monster Marauding Mickey Mouse and Me

Wow! I do have a way with alliterations, don't I?

I was jerked out of deep sleep and some really nice dream early in the morning. As I sat blearily staring at my clock trying to make out the time, I heard these tiny scratching noises.

Curious I walked to the bathroom door and put my ears to it and , true enough, thats where the sounds were coming from. With thoughts of monster cockroaches and what not, I dramatically put on the lights and swung open the bathroom door and THERE stood this evil mousey waving its paws nonchalantly at me.

Being the brave metropoliton girl that I am , I courageously eyeballed the monster, locked the door and did the smart thing. Ran to wake up mom and then climbed up the bay window so that I may get an uninterrupted view of the happenings.

Hmm! Now I am wondering how a mouse could have made entry into my bathroom and what to barricade to stop a repeat performance.


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