Friday, March 05, 2010

Sit with me!!!

Just like last bench is the most fun place to be in school, the corner seat furthest from your boss is the best place to sit at work.
No one to poke their long nose into the monitor and ask what you are doing. No one to keep asking for status. You are at your own leisure.

By the same rule, the room next to the staff room or the front bench is the most horrible place to be (unless you are a nerd) Almost as bad as sitting right next to your boss and his boss AND HIS boss too.

It just now stuck me with all the subtlety of a hammer on my head that that is exactly where I am sitting now. My lead sits to my right, my lead's boss sits to my left and my lead's boss' boss sits right in front of me

Now I have to answer to three men from having to answer to no one.

My cup of joy runneth full ! I cannot stand this anymore.. WAHHHH!!!!!


Hazel said...

It cannot be worse than sitting at the entrance to a 300 seater ODC ;)

RS said...

Uahahah! Have fun! :-D Im so glad Im on leave right now and not have to face ANY bosses!

Sanjana said...

@Hazel: I used to sit at the entrance of my ODC too, but that was more private than this place :-(. So I still take the prize :-)

@RS: I am sooo J