Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Women's day again

I keep telling myself not to get worked up about this day but end up ranting anyway.

Statistics shows that for every 1014 men there are 1000 Women in the world, we are talking about roughly 50-50%. So what is a complete half of the world's human population celebrating?
The few answers I have got so far are

1. Its a day for men to laugh about and wish that they had a men's day too
2. Its a day when a few channels show women oriented movies
3. Shops make great money
4. I waste time glaring at the mails I get (which thankfully have gone down in the years) wishing me a Happy Women's day.

Do you know that even the Indian Laws have unequal rules for women and men.
In a country that loves reservations, it has taken 14 years to pass a bill allowing 33% reservation for women in politics.

'Neeya Naana" (You or Me) a program telecast in Vijay TV discuss controversial topics and the topic that was discussed last week was "Women who earn more than their husband".

The husbands all make it plain that their wives should be atleast one step below them in everything or it is a danger to their manhood, self esteem, confidence and ego. A guy actually said that if his wife earns more than him then he cannot up his collar and call himself a man.

Another said that now his wife earns more he does, she would not leave her job when he orders her to. (ORDERS????)

One man feels that if a woman sits with her leg crossed when he is around, she shows disrespect.

In another episode the topic was "should wives work". The consensus was that if the woman can take care of her husband without him having any complaints, then she can go to work too. I can understanding taking care of a baby, why should you take care of your husband? Is he not old enough to take care of himself?

When married women in IT companies travel abroad, the comments that they and their husbands have to hear are totally unparliamentary.

Aw heck!! This is a country where married women cannot call their husbands by their name as that would be a disrespect to their manhood.

I feel like I am banging my head on a hard rock wall, everytime I write/think about this. My head hurts and the wall stays implacable.

I do not know the significance of this day to others, but to me the significance of the day/week is that I get to attend some good presentations by ladies in the know.


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RS said...

Hey! Belated Happy Women's Day! ;-p
By the way - It irks me too - that the rest of the 364 days the men claim is theirs and they still want a 'day' for thier own! hmmpph.

And trust me - I know all the things they say when a married woman wants to go onsite and the husband chooses to accompany her...
Its a very hypocritical world out there! X-(